Hangover Prevention Rx - Party Kit

Hangover Prevention Rx - Party Kit

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Our Hangover Prevention Rx comes with everything you need to detox, rehydrate and start the next day fresh. Order this kit now, and it will come before your big party. Your going to be glad you were prepared. 

this package comes with a Hangover Free Guarantee


Here's the agenda:

1. Drink Alcohol + Take BrightDay** Tablets while you drink.

2. Before bed - Put Electrolyte Packet into cup of water, and drink. Take an activated charcoal too.

3. Upon wakeup, take the Blowfish** and the ProBiotics.


BrightDay x3 Tablets (take with fluids)

Activated Charcoal x1 Tablets (take with fluids)

Electrolyte  x1 Packet (dissolve into water)

Blowfish x2 Tablets (dissolve into water)

ProBiotics x1 (take with fluids)